EVOLVE is a Leadership Program that has been designed to engage with Sporting Clubs and their Leaders. EVOLVE is aimed at assisting clubs towards developing a High Performance Culture through implementing a tangible performance framework. We look at the key components of being a great leader and the difference between management of people and leadership of people.


Building a strong foundation is paramount when moving towards a high performance culture. When looking at cultural change, the fundamental challenge is developing an environment of accountability and ownership, rather than blame.  The idea of having key people make decisions for the better of the collective rather than the individual, but not lose the individual in the process.


Key areas of EVOLVE:

-        What is Leadership? Identifying key characteristics of a great leader

-        Identifying self-awareness and how this contributes to being a great leader

-        Understanding behavioural change | Identifying negative behaviours and how to work with these

-        What is High Performance?

-        Creating and implementing a High Performance Framework