Negative Pressure Massage (NPM) / Vacuum Therapy is a fast-track method of Sports Therapy that targets myofascial release without the need for heavy-handed deep tissue massage. We are 1 of less than a handful of specialist massage therapists to offer this ground breaking form of rehabilitation and treatment.

These specialist machines are imported from Switzerland, providing fast-track treatment that demonstrates incredible results for pre-exercise conditioning as well as post exercise rehabilitation and injury management.

NPM uses a continual suction on the muscle rather than the heavy handed and time consuming traditional myofascial release massage.

How does it work?

NPM engages the fascia and muscles in a way that allows the therapist to:

·       Separate the Fascia from the muscle and lengthen the muscle fibre and connective tissue

·        Break up residual congestion and loosen any adhesions created from scar tissue or old muscle tears

·       Increase blood flow and fasten the healing process

·       Increase the Athletes Range of Motion

·       Flushes out any build-up of toxins

 Sports conditions that benefit from this method of therapy includes: plantar-fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and soft tissue muscle tightness.

NPM is more commonly used in the Beauty Industry as a form of cellulite treatment and it’s designed to break down the fat cells that build up and form cellulite in a non-invasive manner. So how is it relative to athletes and why do we use it?

With athletes, we get immediate access to the fascia and muscles; there is practically no muscle that we can’t treat. Sore Back? Tights Muscles? Fascial tightness? We have you covered.

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