Do you hold Netball Selection events for your Netball Club or Association?
Do you waste hours upon hours preparing game runs, collecting player details & payments?

We have developed the Worlds 1st Official software program dedicated to supporting clubs, associations, schools as well as State Sporting bodies: NETBALLSELECT.

It’s the answer to every Netball Club, Association, Representative Team, State Member Organisations dream in simplifying the Selection process for all levels of our amazing sport.

It can do everything from:

- Create Events (with up to 3 rounds included)
- Take Player Registrations
- Collect Player Payments
- Produce 4 reports for clubs for each round of selections (master list, area reports, individual player reports and game runs)
- Send automated emails to players (successful / unsuccessful)

Each report includes:

1. Master Player List (everything from name & D.O.B + 2 Playing preferences)
2. Area Specific Report (grouped by Attackers, Midcourt and Defenders)
3. Individual Player Reports (Identifying which game, court, position and bib colour they are playing in) These can be emailed out to every player prior to the event.
4. Court Mapping’s / Game Runs (for coaches to record notes on each player and/or used as an additional resource for the event).

Players will be better prepared by knowing exactly how many games and what positions they will be playing in = less nerves and increased quality of play.

Clubs will spend minimal time on the administration and at the same time increase the professionalism of the event by having everything they need at their fingertips.

If you are part of a club that spends hours upon hours on creating and running Team Selections then don't wait! Create an account today and reap the rewards straight away. 

Creating an event is easy and it caters to clubs / associations of all sizes. It allows up to 3 rounds of selections to be used per event, allowing you to select which athletes will progress through to the next round. Players are advised of their status via email, you are then able to produce a new round of reports with the successful athletes.

Creating Events

The Reports

All the reports have been developed to ensure every user has the vital information they need to run a successful, professional event every time.


If you host multiple rounds of selections, NetballSelect will re-run the reports based on the players you select to proceed to the next round, which means you save even more time.


Clubs are charged a fee based on the amount of participants that register for their event:

0-49 Players: $49.95 + Registration Fee per participant (Set by club - minimum $5)
50-99 Players: $79.95 Registration Fee per participant (Set by club - minimum $5)
100-149 Players: $109.95 + Registration Fee per participant (Set by club - minimum $5)
150-199 Players: $139.95 + Registration Fee per participant (Set by club - minimum $5)

NetballSelect is the product of Inspire Sports Media Pty Ltd (ABN: 83622126292). Inspire Sports Media Pty Ltd is part of the Inspire Sports Group.